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This is a thaumatrope. It is the first form of animation and it is easy to do. I tried to create an illusion with the one I made, i think the process is interesting because it is simple but it still feels as if there is movement.


Coraline video (visual effects)


There are facial expressions that are made in the effects. They make hundreds of different kinds of effects in this animation and they are used for the portal and many other parts of the movie.. The director and effects makers work together in flash and other applications to create the animation and visual effects that are used in the animation.

Coraline video (scenes)


Behind the scenes showed all of the fine details that went into making the movie. The details that the characters had were very interesting. Even the cat had hair that looked like fur and each of Caroline’s hairs were individual. Also the different sets that were created to make the movie.

Coraline video (rigging)


Sometimes the camera cant get a certain angle and the crew must make a device that well help them. As Coraline, in the movie, went from the real world to the unreal world there was a portal that she went through and it was created from a rig. This rig played a big part in the animation as far as helping tell the story of the two worlds.