Monthly Archives: January 2011



This is a photo of Michael Jordan dunking but the background has been changed in photoshop to highlight and make you focus on him.




This is a image of football that has been changed in photoshop. The color and the texture of the picture has been changed to give it a different effect.

Bugs Bunny

This is a black and white then the colored version of a Bugs Bunny cartoon. The colored  version makes the cartoon more exciting and interesting. I choose these colors because they are the classic colors for Bugs Bunny and i added yellow to make them stand out.




This is the original version then the filtered version of a cartoon from photoshop. I like this cartoon because to the interesting colors and texture,and how the B and the cartoon has a glossy  feature to them. I think the colors blend well with each other and i makes the cartoon look cool.

Diving Boys


is a before and after of the Diving Boys picture, the first is a regular photo of the diving boys. The second is a enhanced version of the photo through photoshop, I like the second one better because it shows more color and adds emphasis on the diving boy and makes the photo look better.



Basketball Collage

What inspired me to make this collage was my love for sports and most of all basketball. I want to make all of the images blend together and look the same. I wanted the viewer to have to focus and pick out certain images in the collage, I think thats what makes it interesting.